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These are some very weak recordings, but I hope you will enjoy them. You get a free copy of my cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" with the purchase of the full album. Cheers! (This material is copyrighted, do not steal.)


released March 2, 2014



all rights reserved


The Ghost of June California

Folk music sucks. Lol

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Track Name: Ghost
If there is a god I pray he'll mend this broken heart,
Because the thought of losing your love is tearing me apart.
And the thought of what we were and what we could have been,
And the thought of never seeing you again. (X2)

And I know I only knew you for just a little while,
But I never will forget the way that you smiled.
Or the way you looked at me with those twinkling Irish eyes.
And how you gave me butterflies, Don't you know love you gave me butterflies.

So papa, won't you come now and take my pain away,
And mama, won't you tell me now tomorrow's another day.
And love, don't you know that what kills me the most,
Is the fact that I'm still haunted by your ghost. (X2)

And I wanted to call you just to let you know,
That try as I might I can never let you go.
The stains of your spilled coffee left a mark on my soul.
But I guess some things are better left untold. (X2)


And it pains me to know that now we must part,
But I wanted you to know there's still a place left in my heart.
And lately I've been hoping you'll be back again someday,
But you'll find someone better anyway. You know they all find someone better anyway.

Track Name: La Lune
She dances in a dream, in her blue spotted dress,
Before she steals him away with red-ruby lips.
His t-shirt's stained with perfume scent,
And his throat's still dry from their last cigarette.

He said, "I'll follow you to the moon and back, my love." (X2)

She went up to the rooftop to count all the stars,
But all she found were broken satellites and used up cigars.
He walked out that evening, left her wanting more.
And he promised to show her what her body was for.


He tells her he loves her, but she's not even there.
And she reciprocates the feeling with a stone set stare.
She says, "This was nothing." as he fades into the grey.
Until the codeine comes softly to take him away.

(Chorus) (X2)